Thursday, July 31, 2008

Updates, updates

So.... my little girl Bambina is on a five-week vacation *ugh for me, but thumbs up for her*. She's gone for one and a half weeks now I think, so still way to go. I have decided to make use of the time and try to find another addition to my household. So far nothing has turned up, though I sort of have a sub, but our online times don't seem to match too well, so I'm more like a keyholder to her. Right now I'm also talking to Ling, who might be just the right girl, but so far we haven't been able to talk much.
Also I have taken down the house and started to build a new one. Had an awesome inspiration for a throne room the other day, when I visited Winter Ventura's Eclectic Randomness. In fact I pretty much stole her idea and so far mine looks like an identical copy of hers - a pitch black room with a pool of light centering around the throne. She also has this awesome (and huge) picture of a completely restrained slave dressed head-to-toe in black rubber. I asked her where she got it and was even able to give me a copy of it - so yay! The only problem is that my build now really looks like an almost identical copy of hers - we even have the same throne.
Oh, and my neighbor pissed me off again... messaged me about the new build to complain that I was polluting the neighborhood - more on that soon in a big post that will be entirely devoted to him *grins* Watch out for that one.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hello slave!

I was at the Bondage Ranch, dressed up in Mistress gear and wearing the tag too. My viewer went bing! and I received an IM. Clicked the tab to read it and read the words "hello slave". I found this quite amusing, checked the profile of the person who sent these words and found some bla-bla like "YOU WILL SUBMIT TO ME!!!!!!" (imagine some mad scientist laughing in the background if you will). I decided to send an appropriate answer: "/me laughs" and started searching for the avatar in question. When I found her, I burst into real-life laughter: The wanna-be mistress was in almost perfect slave-gear, wearing cuffs, collar and, I believe, gagged too. Too bad, she disappeared shortly after that. I would sooooo have loved to give that Missy a proper tongue-lashing and of course missed the chance to take a snap. Damn.

Get Frisky!

God, if you're into progressive electronic music like I am, you just gotta L O V E Friskyradio. On my last visit to the website today I stumbled over the mini-player they now have and thought "What the heck, the two readers of this blog might find it cool. I do anyway.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some reading for your pleasure

For the past ten days or so I've been almost glued to the tales of Richard Alexander, detailing his oh-so-erotic adventures at a bondage establishment called Bilboes somewhere near Brisbane. Very imaginative, very kinky, at almost epic length and so much fun to read. Try it, you won't regret it.
You can find it here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taking a slave

Oh my, I don't really know where to start with this much has happened. Maybe it's best to go back, way back in time (and I wonder, where did I steal that line?) and pick up those threads that I started earlier. Mistress Feliciti has again left SL ... this time for very personal and understandable reasons and may or may not return. Only time will tell.
Justine has become something of a ghost, I'm sorry to say. As far as i can see, she logs in like once a month for two hours and that's it. Since we also have a 12 hour time difference to cope with, I have sort of written her off :-(

The biggest and most interesting bit of news, however, is that in March I have collared a young French girl, Bambina. She is a true and dedicated, but inexperienced submissive who wants to learn and go deeper and deeper. Guiding her is not too easy, but well worth the effort. And I am learning along with her, every day.
In fact it is a new experience to have a relationship that close and demanding. I admit I have thought of giving it up more than once, but so far we're still walking together and might do so for quite some more time.

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