Thursday, August 30, 2007


Well, this is probably a good a time as any to get started. Right now I'm sitting here at the sky dungeon waiting for a cage to open. Huh? What the hell?! Yes, I'm on a tour of sorts, taking the Black Hole Journey into Submission right now (you can find it on Sarah's Play Island in the Slut Pen) and on level 3 it sends you off to some places where you have to do certain quests.

In the Bondage Playground you have to enter a certain cage and are not allowed to talk until you get out. On the first time around I stupidly said something on chat and had to leave the cage to reset the quest. Of course someone else on the same quest sneaked in... so I had to wait. When I finally got back in, I was doing pretty well. That is until I decided to play with some ball I have lying around my computer. I threw it from hand to hand, dropped it, it fell on my keyboard and of course it hit one of two keys that are loaded with a chat shortcut... I hadn't even known about these, let alone ever used them. *damn* The stupid quest reset again for not shutting up... *sigh*
I had to wait until the cell timer ran out, get out and back in and start from scratch. So now I'm finally in it and decided to do something unrelated (well, almost...) to SL to while away the time. The Playground is practically empty right now, so no other diversions to keep me entertained.
Ah well, first five minutes are over. 25 left, I guess....

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