Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The mother of all updates

Wow, 2008 is starting with a bang!
First of all, on Dec. 24 I met Justine, now my dear pet and a lot more. Collared her on Jan 15 and I think we both love it! She is such a sweetie and a very devoted sub, just wish we would get more time together so I can really make her do what she needs to do, and that is serve, not only me, but also others ;)
Then, a huge surprise for me... A few days ago my old and long-lost mistress has returned to SL. I admit I was shocked at first, suddenly it seemed my life in SL was getting a lot more complicated. Last night though we finally got a chance to talk at some length and it's all good now. Although we still have to find out if we still work out together, we are still very close and in the end I offered her to take ownership again - and she did, without hesitation. Mmmmm, yummy. So as of yesterday I am collared again.
Next is my new job. I have started working at Kayliwulf, where I model some of SL's hottest latex fashions every day now.
And finally I have today taken on a new sub, my dear friend Lilia. And yes, to kick it off, we had a very nice scene. She may be a little sore for a few days, but I'm sure it is a good kind of aching ;)

Saturday, January 5, 2008


As some of you may know, I've been dealing with self-bondage for a bit and although I hardly get to do it in RL, I'm always curious about this fascinating subject. And today I stumbled over this *rolls eyes*: http://time.lockedalot.com
Check it out, it's devious ^^

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