Friday, August 15, 2008

Time is fleeting

Or at least, so it seems. Today I realized that Bambi is due back in about ten days - wow, where did the time go? In the meantime I have sold my house and am now going to colocate with Clara. She sort of invited me to stay at her and her (missing) slave's place. So far I haven't done much except put up some sort of a little garden for her and her dogs to enjoy. Today I started looking at houses that I picked up somewhere, but as yet I haven't made up my mind as to what exactly I want. Also the garden has eaten up a lot of prims so I might end up having to save again. But if things will go as planned I might soon get a parcel neighboring hers and we should then be able to have a little more space - and prims.
About taking another slave - no, it doesn't really seem so. I have been on little lately and accordingly, that is not making things easier. And in fact, except for the little episode with Sacha, what was her alt again... I haven't played with anyone at all.

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