Thursday, February 12, 2009

Past troubled waters... for the moment

So.... havent really blogged in a whole while. Again, so much has happened.
My submission to Master ended on Jan, 20. He actually kicked me out for involuntarily causing some drama that was due to me talking about the time AFTER my submission.... But of course I should first have told Master and not Miss Liza. The thing is, however, that she IMed me while I was just chatting with (then) Miss Reneee about the future and that we would try to stick together and that I would try to help her become a good Mistress. So far it was all nice and innocent. But as it seems Miss Liza had thought that I would turn to her after Feb, 1, a thing that I myself had never alluded to. But of course our activities together with her led her to believe that. So when she heard about my new plans, she got angry and reproached Master with manipulating her etc. All in all I brought him into a very uncomfortable position that led him to the decision to kick me out (and end communications with Miss Liza).
Hmmmm. I have to say I was far from shattered, somehow he had pushed me hard during the preceding week, maybe too hard. In any case I felt not as close emotionally as I did earlier.
Thus I am now free, and even though I do miss the feeling and instruction he gave me, I cannot really imagine me going back to him.
To come back to Miss Reneee...
Of course, my plans have a way of going where THEY want, not I. I suggested writing something for Miss Reneee about me as a sub and somehow I knew it was extreme in its openness, but thought that she deserved nothing but the truth and so I gave her that. After she had read it, she said that she couldn't be my Mistress - actually I should not have been surprised at all, but of course I was; and sad too. Meanwhile the tables have turned and I am now her Mistress, trying to do the same thing Master did for me: Help her feel good again about being a submissive, learn to live with the pain in her past and not be afraid to get hurt.

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