Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time flies...and I have landed use complaining about not posting this time. It's been ages, I know.
Trying to sum it up, bear with me for a moment:
Reneee became my sub sometime in February and has been until November. We had a lot of great moments and many nice trances. So this is a kiss (!) specially reserved for you, honey. But at some point it seemed better to let her go and so we are friends now. After that there was Tessa, another old friend. However that only held a short while, then she ran away.... I was driving her too hard it seems.
Residence-wise I joined my dear friend xitt and her lovely neighbors Kari and Bettie in Dreamland for a whole while and I must say it was a lovely time - and they are all sooo creative too! Last I was kind of homeless since we had given up the house there, but since last night I have firm ground under my feet again, erm, almost. I have moved to Laputa, a .... how do you say that, one of the great bdsm houses in SL, and am living there on a ship with Mistress Imika and her sub Airama, (yes, yet another old friend) So since the end of one loooong day during which I was given the Go by the High Mistress and introduced to all of the nice people there, I am now wearing a collar again - finally!

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I have been sub, I have been domme, I have a penchant for hypnosis, I have been up and I have been down. But I am always and most importantly - me. Kind, sensitive, loyal and yes - kinky.