Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chili subs... not

Hmmm.... ever since Mistress went missing (and to be honest even before that) I hardly get to sub anymore. For a sub switch that's quite unfortunate, but well, what can I do? Go on searching I guess...
It's just that I find it hard to do. For one thing I hate putting myself on the "Meat Market", as I call it. That means putting on restraints and assume a submissive pose in one of "those" places , especially the Bondage Ranch, until someone takes interest. Or approach a potential Mistress of course. That's how and where I met my very first mistress, and to be honest, it was a total failure. (you can read about that in "The Mistress Thang. pt.1") Also I simply find it hard to approach someone and ask them to dominate me, since I am basically a rather shy person. And when I do, it often results in failure.
For example I met this domme/mistress at the Bondage Playground. I approached her and she seemed mildly interested. After a bit of fiddling, because I stupidly didn't even remember how to kneel for her (I had already stopped wearing my collar at the time, which would have made it easy, since this is loaded with animations), she gave me one so i could at least assume a decent submissive position for her (have a load in my inventory, but just didn't think right then). But when she discovered I was still owned she lost interest, saying she didn't want to be accused of stealing slaves (hey, a new owner was not on my agenda then, i only wanted to have a little fun) and since I didnt't really feel that good with her, I stopped it then and there.
Another time I approached a different mistress and it felt quite nice talking to her. However, in the middle of our get-to-know-you conversation, she poofed (got kicked out of SL as happens frequently) and didn't return - ever. It was only a short while ago that i discovered she hid from me (yea, turn off visibility on the friends list, ugh, how i hate that). Oh well.
As far as i remember my real Mistress returned soon after that, but was only on at times when i couldn't make it, except for a few chats. Soon after that she disappeared for the second time and hasn't returned since (yea, all that will be in part 2 of The Mistress Thang). And when she disappeared i also went into hiding for a long while and barely got out of the house except to meet friends occasionally.
Next is/was a switch I met at a store (oh, how i love chance meetings like that; these always seem to turn out the most interesting, hehehe). We found us to be quite compatible since she's also into latex and into a sensual kind of bdsm. So we became friends and had a good time together. Playing we only managed once, and i have to say it was a very nice scene - god, that Realrestraint blindfold is a real pain in the neck since that last update, and she had me sweating in rl trying to accomplish basically easy movements blindfolded (there is a tiny hole that allows interaction, but since the update it's no longer located in the middle but on the bottom of the screen and when you click there, sl's camera jumps and you have to readjust it every single time, duhh) the only drawback was that it had to end a little prematurely... However, shortly thereafter she got collared by her favorite dom and had some problems with her comp. Only now it seems she's no longer interested in playing or - for the most time - even talking to me. For now, I keep that under unresolved issues, but I hate being ignored...

Edit, 9/12/07:
Issue resolved. I sent her a long IM, and I have to admit maybe it was a bit rude - not on intention though. Anywas, she was right in my face, furious, saying she had never promised to be my babysitter, kicked me off her friends list and muted me all in one go.
Alright, I can live with that. :)
The only drawback is that this post has now grown even longer.
Dear Reader, I vow to be shorter in future ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feline's Fantasies

I have been reading erotic (bondage) stories for a long time and I have always found it difficult to keep track of good authors or to remember which one was especially good, since there are just so many and few websites allow for easy access. The other day, however, I very accidentally stumbled over the name Laura Feline and found her web-site.
Wow, these stories are just what the doctor ordered. Self-Bondage with a twist, two lovely and sometimes slightly evil women playing solo or with each other and having lots of glorious sex. Yummy. I haven't counted the stories, but I've been reading every day for over a week now and so far, have liked most of the stories very much. If you don't know this site, go check it out - it's a must in my opinion and also it's no wonder Feline was voted "BEST BONDAGE WRITER of the Year 2005".
Enjoy ... and I have an inkling after reading some of the stories you'll see clover clamps in a whole new light ;-))

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cool News

The past week has brought interesting developments. First I met Madi, a very nice sub who was ditched by her Mistress and came back to SL after a longer break. She posted to a group I've subscribed (think it was "sub/slaves of Second Life") and sounded like she needed someone to talk and give her a hug. So I responded and we met at Apollo's (in case you've never been to the Apollo Sim, go see it, it's simply amazing and my very favorite place) and talked for a bit. She is very nice and likable. The next day she met my pets and, even though I didn't want to in the beginning, I have now taken her on trial as my third pet (and yeah, I wonder how to take care of them all).
Also while doing my quest at the Bondage Playground (see "Waiting...") I met this slave who had in her profile (always check profiles, it's a bounty of information) that she was seeking a slave and had her latex catsuit welded to her body by her Mistress - yummy. So I talked to her, even though the situation was a little bizarre at first: I was wearing the Mistress Playground title, because the cage I needed to get into had been left locked and she looked like the sweetest slave, kneeling on the ground. And here I was, indicating my interest in becoming her slave. We met shortly after, but we didn't manage to talk much since she had to log off. We did, however, talk about timezones, and it seemed to me that we would hardly be able to meet. So after the interview I was left with the thought that this would never work.
I did still intend to talk to her though. And I was quite surprised to see that she IMed me tonight just as I was getting ready to do the CARP quest of my Black Hole tour. After trying it for a bit I gave it up for the moment (got captured, too) and met with her. And she seems quite interested in taking me on. Yay! Sadly, we were again interrupted. Ah well, I have a good feeling for once and after a long time was finally able to feel the excitement creep over my skin again... *smiles*

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Mistress Thang, pt.1

Oh yes, I've been meaning to write this down for a long time. The story of how I met Mistress. That will be in part two. But first I'm going to tell the story of my first mistress, which sadly was a total failure.
I cannot really say she was bad or incompetent, I actually never got to know her that well. The problem was she never made time. When I met her I felt very sub and also this was my first try at finding a domme or Mistress. So I arrived at the bondage ranch, didn't even get out of the arrival zone, but went down on my knees and then she came in. Looked like a true amazon, wearing swords and stuff. Somehow I think I approached her, uhm, rather threw myself at her. So she took me. On the first night she played with me a little, but in essence that was that. She was very busy, trying to open a club and that, it seems, was her only and top priority. She basically wanted me to dance for her at her club, sent me off to the dance floor and that was it. Oh yes, she also spoke of selling me at a slave auction and wouldn't I like that. To be honest, I didn't say anything at the time, but I was secretly revulsed by the idea. Great. Not my idea of a dom/sub relationship...
I probably should also add here that I was pretty new to SL at the time and had no idea how things worked, especially when it comes to BDSM and such unreal events as slave auctions. It was only over time that I learned that these auctions are usually for a day or two only (and please correct me if I'm wrong here).
So after some time where I didn't go to see her and she largely ignored me, I felt quite unhappy until I finally went to the Bondage Playground and talked to one of the Mistresses there. Sadly I don't remember her name, but I think it may have been SallyJo. I told her how unhappy I was and she counseled me to ask for release. Because running away isn't and probably never will be an option for me. So I did as she told me and, quite nervously, met "her" and told her I wanted to be released. And so she did. Wow, was I ever glad it was finally over.

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