Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Strange Stories, pt.3

Now this is really weird.
Like four weeks ago I was at Hypnodolls, doing nothing really but waiting for interesting people to chat with. After a while, a guy turned up and inquired if any of the present had seen some Thailand guy or knew him. In fact he asked if someone would take a parcel that he had on him and give it to the other guy once he turned up, because he had to go to some class. I didn't know the guy he referred to, so didn't speak up. The only one who really said anything was a woman, a hypno-domme I think, who knew the guy, but didn't want to take the parcel. So I sat there and secretly asked myself why he did not just IM the other guy to meet with him or dropped the thing into his inventory using the profile. But since it seemed soooo obvious I didn't say anything, thinking this guy was a little strange, which in fact he was. Also several times some strange messages appeared on screen about some wings being readied. Then the guy disappeared. And I mean disappeared, he did not teleport away or log off. Somehow I felt as if I was in some Casablanca-type movie, with a spy seeking help to transfer his secret files. Only two minutes later, the Thailand guy turned up and asked around if someone had seen the first guy. So I told him what had happened and gave him the chat log of the scene. He was obviously relieved, said that the parcel had not been transferred yet (and I wondered how on earth he knew that) and went away, seemingly to meet the other guy. Now I was thinking someone was playing a prank on me and was almost certain the first guy would surely turn up again in a minute asking for second guy. I think I even heard him say something, again those strange wing messages appeared, and then second guy came back. He had acquired the parcel in the meanwhile, thanked me for my help and told me a little about the parcel. Only then did the picture become clear. The wings I had seen messages of were in fact the parcel. And those wings were very special, according to Mr Thailand even one of a kind, enabling the wearer to break all laws of physics and travel at extremely high speeds. And that the first guy probably just had not thought of transferring the wings via the SL inventory, because he hardly ever dealt with transfers that way.
In any case, that story was my personal highlight of the day and kept me amused for hours.... hehe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Strange Stories, pt.2

Just a quick one that. Trust me, it's a bit funny too.
It happened like three months ago, I was at Mystical Bondage and slightly bored, so I thought I'd walk over to Damsel, do some window-shopping. It was one of those days when SL is really SNAFU, I think right after an update and nothing was working correctly.
So I walked over, saw an av in the middle of the street who was obviously just rezzing - still all white. I walked up to that person and watched. The rezzing took longer and longer, but the av just wouldn't rez. So we exchanged a few words and she then decided to relog. Since I had nothing to do really I only went a few paces further and waited for the person to return. Finally, the av rezzed and turned out to be an attractive girl. And then - completely out of the blue - she said she wanted to be my slave. I was slightly dumbfounded, but after some talking, I was somewhat convinced she was serious and took her with me.
That was Esme, an italian girl. She was never with me much, though, said she was a "free soul", which according to her book, meant she would only come when she felt like it. That and the fact that her English was not that good, sort of prevented me from really getting close. Well, we had some fun and I think I taught her a few things about BDSM, but sadly, it never did much for me. After some time she went away, had found a better mistress than me it seems. Oh well.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Taking stock

So I'm six months old now. A week ago I had my half-year rez day and would have loved to celebrate, but sadly, that was out of the question what with the then-current goings-on. But still it's a time to think about all that has happened and also about where I'm going.
Right now I'm completely free of any obligations, pets, mistresses or close personal relations. Rylla has gotten collared and seems to be very happy with her Mistress. Lou is history (see previous post) and Madi, well, officially she's still on trial, but she's been having RL problems for quite some time now that keep her from SL. But she is willing to come back, once time and RL permit. Oh yeah, and then there is my dear friend and hypno-sub Becky, but she also seems quite busy RL-wise, hasn't been on in a while.
My partylife is going strong at the moment, and going out to dance is really cool - listening to some DJ spinning wicked sounds and being among like-minded is just great. So right now I concentrate on that and have also made some friends already. Also, the idea of finding some fitting play partner there seems quite attractive - so far nothing has turned up, but you never know...
The BDSM stuff I'm surely not giving up, I am starting to feel the urge again, which is a good thing ;) After all, that was the primary motivation for me to come and stay in SL. And so far, two leads have turned up: Firstly Teena, who had to make a decision: Becoming a mistress in her own right or get fully collared by her Mistress. She has decided for the latter, but we're still talking and there might still come something out of it, but it's too early to talk about that. And then there's Ven, who is seeking a mistress. Haven't really talked to her yet, but she's definitely an interesting person (talk about putting Gromet's Plaza in the web tab of her profile, lol). In a few days I'll know more, I guess.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saying good-bye

First of all: No, I'm not leaving.
Second: I was forced to say good-bye to my favorite sub/slave, Lou. Now it didn't come as that much of a surprise, but still it left me with a bad feeling. I had been very fond of Lou, from our very first beginnings. She was a complete newbie to BDSM and I was happy to show her the ropes. Some time ago, however, she started being on less and less and then told me she had to leave for a while, because she was assigned to a "new project" by her company. Okay, so I've waited for her to return and occasionally checked the group info to see if she had been on. Also sent her an e-mail sometime, which was never answered. So last week I found she had been on, but still no message at all. Kept checking, found she was on repeatedly and then caught her online. IMed her and we met. She then owned up and told me it was all lies, everything she told me. Lou was only a facade to satisfy her curiosity about the "darker places of SL", as she put it. And now that her curiosity was satisfied, she was packing up, transferring her stuff to her main account. There was more, but I'm not going into that here and now... So that was the end, we said bye and, even if I'm not a vengeful person, I have to say I don't feel a bit sorry for her feeling guilty. In fact it makes me smile, if only a little bit.
Thirdly, shortly before the episode with Lou, I had to ask Miss Carr to release me. I'm sorry to say that, but we didn't work out. She wanted a lot of control over my SL by setting up rules and stuff, but sadly, we (read: I) never got quality time in exchange. In effect it became more of a burden than anything and was really killing my SL fun. Also it was having adverse effects on my RL. So the only logical consequence was to ask for release.
With these two fresh experiences in my mind, I'm taking a time-out from all things kinky and have re-discovered my love of music and go out to partyyyy a lot. And I have to say I should have done that earlier, a LOT earlier. Right now my personal favs are House-Divaz and some of the more underground goa/psy-trance places.

Edit, 28 Oct.:
I should add that I am at least thankful that Lou told me the truth - if only at the last minute and not quite voluntarily. That saves me some worrying...

Friday, October 19, 2007

The strangest stories, pt.1

Now, the strange stories are sort of part of my mission statement. ;) And since I'm six months old today (which makes me more or less an oldie here in SL), I'm going to tell a few of the weirdest tales that I've experienced so far.
Let's begin with the latest episode:
Almost exactly 3 months ago I met a girl at Marine's little shop (home of Realrestraint) and she sort of invited me to help her try them out ;-) So one of us offered friendship and we parted in the hopes of getting together some time. Well, as it happens so often in SL, that just didn't happen: Neither of us ever sent a message. A few days ago now I finally got up the nerve to contact her, had been thinking about it for days, always found an excuse to stall this potentially embarrassing task though. So when I ran out of excuses and had time, too, I opened an IM window and started writing a hello message, which of course again took a bit to complete (can't just simply write "hello Lilia", now can I? Well, history tells us I could, after like half an hour lol).
I then hit Return and waited... after 15 mins, she finally answered. Yay! After some talking I tried to tp her, but alas, the button was grayed out... turns out she had taken me off her friends list while I was on the laborious process of writing my hello message. *lol*

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Mistress Thang, pt.2

Maybe this is the right time to reflect on my old Mistress.
It all started innocently enough. I had sort of recovered from the failure with my very first mistress and did want to go out and meet some new people. Right then, my vanilla friend Izzy wanted to join me, so I told her that I wanted to go to Mystical Bondage, a nice open sim. So we went there and after only a short while I sort of stopped to talk to her in IM, looking directly at a pair of women who were standing a little off the track and seemingly talking. This took a little while and although I was not really paying attention to these two, I was aware it might be construed as staring. Then one of them beckoned me closer and asked me what I was looking at, the other one left. So I explained. We started talking and it soon became clear this was a domme. So she started explaining a little on what she was RPing and then bit me... right then and there. And I had a new Mistress. That's how easy and fast it all happened.
After that we went somewhere and I serviced her, till she ... you know what. And in RL too, as she told me. We had a very good time and I have to say I really liked her. And she loved to play poker too - which was still allowed at that time. So for a short time we spent lots of time together until she had a RL accident, came back, and then, after a very awkward meeting, went off completely - for four weeks. I was suffering big time, couldn't explain to myself where, how, why she had gone.
Then she returned and she explained to me what happened - big RL changes. However she was hardly on at the times I was and, as I remember, even thought I wanted to be released. After that was finally cleared up it could have become all good again - but it didn't. The very last time I talked to her, I think on July 9, she told me there were floods in her region in the southern U.S. and I think she alluded to getting out barely or something. So we said good-bye and that's the last thing I ever heard of her. And I can only hope you are well, Mistress Feliciti :) So I waited another four weeks for her to return and then wrote her a letter, to say good-bye.
End of story.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


This draft was almost forgotten until I went through my archive today. It is being posted for the sake of completeness here.

Isn't it strange how deeply the goings-on in SL affect you in RL? Maybe not directly, but emotionally. I know, there are some - or is it many? - who really only play around, have fun and if something is not the way they want it, drop it. Next!
Well, guess I'm a little different. Knowing that I am interacting with real people with a wealth of experiences, opinions and very different ways of doing things makes this a very personal experience for me. And so, if something good happens I find myself being elated in RL too. But the same is true if something bad happens.
Like last night when I was waiting for Mistress to return. Went off to go to a store, should have been back soon. So I waited, played around with a few things to keep me entertained and ... waited. For a full hour. Then out of sheer boredom I started talking to a friend in IM. And suddenly it dawned on me that I was really pissed off, frustrated over being kept waiting so long. Waste of time. So I logged for the day and went to bed, only to find myself still in a pretty bad mood when i got up in the morning. Darn, that's not how I want my SL to be.
And now at the late Saturday evening I'm still entertaining bad thoughts. Somehow I feel trapped, not wanting to cross Mistress and yet, knowing she's not around for the whole weekend I feel I can't do what I really want to do, play. After all, when I play it might end up with some sex. Most of the time it won't, but there is a definite chance it might. And I'm not allowed to do that. Great.
So all I can do right now is wait... and wait. For that darn time when Mistress might finally have more time. What did she say... disgruntled or antsy. Yes, I guess that describes pretty well how I feel right now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Mistress Thang, pt.3

Yea, I know, I can hear you in my mind: Where the hell is part 2? Easy. It's not written yet. Will do that when I have the right mindset for it. For now there are other things on my mind.
Let's see... Again it comes back to that visit at the Playground (and yea, I'm still stuck with the CARP mission on lvl.3 of the Black Hole). As I described in my very first post (Waiting...) I approached this apparent slave there who was going to be a mistress ... and looking for a slave.
Well, we met again shortly thereafter and she explained about how she intended to play (very much like the RL lifestyle she herself lives) and that she would not take on a slave just like that but that there were several potentials and she would choose one or maybe two. But that would not mean instant collaring as I might have expected (not really knowing anything much about collaring myself), but instead the candidate would be offered a "Collar of Consideration" and that would mark the start of a trial period. Only at the end of this would the "candidate" then become collared for real. And there would be a ceremony on this occasion.
So yes, I did pass the initial phase (with flying colors I think, and I am also a little proud of that) and really was offered her collar of consideration, which has been locked around my neck ever since. Meanwhile we have gotten to know each other pretty well, have even exchanged a lot of RL information, and I wouldn't hesitate to say that I feel very comfortable with her. For now I am looking forward to the end of October, which will hopefully result in spending more quality time together and some time after that probably a collaring ceremony. ;)
I'll keep you guys posted...

Burning down the house

Hehe, this post is an exception in that it's about plain old fun. And about music. And about dancing. The other day I went to Burning Life, the SL counterpart to Burning Man (yea, that festival in the desert where it gets ALL crazy). Had been there on another day, but there were no people or rather, I hadn't managed to find them. This time around though I grabbed an event calendar and eventually ended up at the Burning of the Temple event. And hey, it was very cool. Tons of people dancing everywher, flashy light show and some nice beats to go. Later I was even joined for a bit by Miss Carr ;)). it was reaaal fun! Yeeehaaaw!!! LOL
Also I've taken a ton of pics of the event and the art on display all around. Only problem with these is I accidentally included my HUD elements in the pics so you see my AO icon everywhere, except for the few pics that I've cropped to size. My apologies for that.

In case you're interested in seeing all of them, I've posted them here:

A New friend :))

Shame, shame, shame... it seems like ages since I last posted. But since I am free for a while now I intend to do an update. And for simplicity's sake I will start with this post that I drafted a while ago. Somehow it hasn't made it to the blog yet, so here goes...
While I was at the Bondage Playground some time ago (yes, the Black Hole quest) I met not only a potential mistress, but also a woman who is fast becoming a good friend. I have to admit I was initially quite shocked when I looked at her profile and found that she's into breath play - not only in SL but also in RL!
But since that time we have talked and met several times and she's just very nice and intelligent. We have also played some and though her style was too harsh for me (talk about a slave-goad delivering electric shocks), I enjoyed our time together very much. Another switch... and next time it will be me playing with her - and I intend to do a few things with her, hehehe. But much more important than that, she's just very open and talks about RL without any hesitance. And that made me open up also - a thing that I rarely do in SL. Because usually I stick to the guideline of keeping SL and RL quite separate. Thank you for your friendship!
[Edit Oct, 4 '07]
Well, right now Yarika is not on that much, but when she's on it's always great to talk to her. And wow, she DOES mix SL and RL... seems she's on a bit of a power trip. Just take care, wouldn't want you to disappear some day...

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