Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bye-bye Liliput, hello loneliness happiness

(Headline edited Jan. 7, '10)
No, there was no makeover. I tried to get myself arranged with it, but somehow it was beyond me. I was having a constant headache and realized at some point that it would not go away before Laputa was history. When that became clear to me, there was no further delaying. So I informed Mistress and went out, not before dropping a lil' bomb. Sent out a notice (no, not an overly friendly one) explaining that I would not put up with Miss Liliput's arbitrary bitching and ... that was it. I went out and life came back. My dear friend Jane had been commenting over the last few days that I had really not been myself, so unhappy and down was I. And she was right. So when I logged back in I felt completely refreshed and energetic, even the headache had already started to fade. It was the best decision ever.
The downside is that it made Mistress very unhappy :-/ She was not happy with my tone, which I can understand. But I had to do this my way. And she did not want to leave beautiful Liliput (as I now call it) and her friends and her other sub. So I told her that I did not want her to leave only because of me, that I would understand, even if it made me sad. Last night we met again and she released me, a very sad moment.
But that was not the end of the day yet. Later on I talked to Eden Darwinian again, quite possibly my future Mistress. She is a lifestyle domme that I highly respect and, even if life will probably not be very comfy with her (as a TPE slave), I am confident that I can trust her and that she will respect me and protect me - something that cannot be had as long as you have an uber-domme above the mistress. And she has already signaled that she will not mind if I have a sub of my own. That is not important at the moment, but knowing myself as I do, that can change very quickly.

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