Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slave rights, or lack thereof

Yesterday I was on for a bit during the day, but since I had not been granted any privileges (and had not asked for any either, sort of intentionally. I am still trying to soak up the immense change that all this represents: Me giving away my freedom, my rights, my devotion. This is and will continue to be for a while, a change of almost brutal intensity), I stayed at the house the way I was - naked. After a while I started thinking this whole concept of privileges through and....hit upon an extreme, albeit interesting point: Does a slave have a right to breathe, to live even? I mean, if you accept the concept of giving away every right, there is not much that is left behind. Of course it would be a safe guess to assume that this had something to do with my situation: I was standing there in Mistress' house, feeling very useless, apart from doing a little inventory-cleanup and IMing. And of course I forgot to tend to the tasks she had given me over that .... *grumbles*

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