Thursday, January 7, 2010


Last night Mistress Eden dropped this word on me.... humility. And said something that I had to be reminded of it, that she had to remind me of it to make my position clear - my memory is a bit hazy here. But as this word was echoing in my mind I realized that I just did not know what it really is. It may sound bizarre, but it is just one of these words that you rarely use and never think about - or at least that is how it was for me. So I took a trip to the wikipedia just now and looked it up: This word describes the inner readiness to serve your authority, much as in a d/s relationship or as a serf toward his master/mistress and accept (*goes back to reread*) the facts as they are given. In a religious and moral context it is a virtue that may be born from the knowledge of being infinitely below the desired perfection (deity, moral standard etc.) (Tugend, die aus dem Bewusstsein unendlichen Zur├╝ckbleibens hinter der erstrebten Vollkommenheit).
My head is spinning.

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