Saturday, January 16, 2010

Human Being

Just a few days ago Mistress showed a very human side: She was hurt by something that I said. I really meant neither disrespect nor did I want to hurt her, and yet I did - mostly as a result of a misunderstanding as I think now, looking back. She had been working on me, nudging me gently in a direction so as not to hurt me and then I said just the thing that she did not want to hear. We managed to sort it out later, but in that moment she was quite hurt. Now.... what do we learn from this? Mistress is a kind and sensitive human being and can be hurt just as we all can. And.... I need to watch out with the things I say. Being a slave is not a license to blurt out everything that comes to mind, you need to take care of your owner not only with your actions, but also with your words and thoughts. Yes, I guess it is a perspective thing - once again.

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