Friday, January 1, 2010

First impressions, last impressions?

Just a few days ago I have landed in Laputa and there is an awful lot to learn and see here. 20 sims full of ... actually very little. A house here and there, one or two residential sims, and apart from that it is mostly water and a few rocks. Plus there is a gallery and an archive and....and. Very nice so far.
But tonight the fairytale suffered a deep crack.
Actually this story seems to start a few days earlier. Ikusei tped me out of the blue, which she seems to do all the time. I took the tp and ended up with an apologetic High Mistress, claiming that she had mixed up my name with another newly arrived one. bla bla, makeover, bla bla, happy to assist in case bla bla.
I did not really listen very well, I am quite happy with the look of my avatar and returned to mistress asap.
Now today I was at the ranch together with mistress and she had me kneeling, chastity belt visible and in my dolly suit too. Again out of the blue there was this tp. Mistress told me to go home and change and to come then. And so I did. Of course I could not release myself from the kneeling position Mistress had forced on me and I could not make the belt invisible either - owner's priviledge. And then I also crashed on my way to the meeting point.
So when I got there, kneeling and belt visible, I excused myself and after a few seconds mistress released me. Actually the ceremony was already over, but then Ikusei asked for a talk with me and mistress. In this she made it clear that i needed a makeover, that my appearance was unacceptable to her and that she would not put my pic on the staff board or whatever it is called, for fear that it would melt (not my words, hers). Erm, hello, what about the look from, what was it, three days ago, that you had nothing to criticize about... or is it just that you didnt have your glasses with you that day or..... did you possibly just change your mind... maybe to humiliate me and show me and mistress who's boss?
Ah well, whatever. I am really not into this kind of games.
So it's either a makeover or leave Laputa.
Oh and btw: Welcome to Laputa!
So.... I logged off for tonight before making any decision yet. But tomorrow the fairytale might end and i may give Ikusei the key to her golden cage back - gleefully.

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