Friday, January 8, 2010


Still kind of thinking about this humility thing. Last night we talked about my latest post and Mistress Eden was a little curious why this was so noteworthy to me. But actually I could not give a much clearer answer than what was already in the blog.
over night it dawned on me that my lack of humility is probably what kept me from approaching her for real over the last year or so. To approach her humbly, to admit to my submissive being and show her the respect that she demanded. We had talked a few times, but I had not really felt intrigued. Mostly to protect myself I had long since gotten used to only show my sub side to those that I felt would or could not hurt me - and I was not prepared to give anyone credit in advance.
But suddenly, finally, I feel it creeping up on me - and it feels right.

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